God is still speaking -- to our hearts and minds!
The Creator of the Universe is not silent but speaks to his people!
His final Word is the Good News, Jesus his own Son, the "Word made flesh,"
We are attentive to his Word as we allow the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments speak to us.
Bible Study & Classes


Sunday School  9:15am
Year Round
Confirmation Classes
Vacation Bible School
Daily Devotions

In middle school (grades 7 and 8) young persons (most of them baptized as infants) explore the meaning of their baptism into Christ and of the Christian faith.  They may then affirm that faith as their own and celebrate their calling to serve more fully in the work of St. John Church


Every summer, St. John has been hosting a week long ecumenical Vacation Bible School with Holy Childhood, Bethel United Methodist, and St. Martin of Tours ELCA Lutheran churches.  VBS welcomes children ages 4 through those completing 6th grade to an exciting adventure as followers of Jesus.


To encourage daily reflection, reading of Scripture, and prayer, St. John provides the Upper Room devotion booklets as well as seasonal (Advent and Lent) booklets for amly or personal use.